Mr. Vegas Says Government Happy For Prisoners “Free Labor”


Dancehall artiste Mr. Vegas has hurled yet another accusation against the Jamaican government.

The veteran deejay claiming that the government is happy when male citizens are locked up in the island’s prisons, as they are forced to work for the government free of cost. “The government wants the youths dem to stick to crime and violence so they can lock dem up, because di more youths in jail, a di more free labor. Dem get them to make licence plates and all a dese tings. Dem don’t have to pay no money to make it; dem have free labor or dem pay dem prison labor,” Vegas asserted.

The Heads High artiste did not state where he got his information, about the license plate manufacturing, but contrary to his claim, Jamaica Information Service reports show that, since 2017, Musson Jamaica Limited has had a two-year contract for $649.28 million to procure Jamaican motor-vehicle license plates.

Mr. Vegas was responding to recent news of a series of shutting down of dancehall events within Kingston, by the police. According to him, the government is now jailing errant dancehall music selectors while allowing churches to make noise day and night.

“The Government of Jamaica is turning off Dancehall events at 12 midnight. Not only that, the government is locking up selectors, throwing them in jail if they go over the 12 midnight rule that is implemented. Now you know a lot of these selectors use their last money to buy a laptop so they can feed their family. Some of them try to be better yute in society. They don’t want to go steal; they don’t want to go pick a gun up, so they pick up a laptop, play a little music…”

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Dancehall for sale.

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“The government in my opinion is trying to appease di buyers that they are selling out Jamaica to. So the buyers, they want a Jamaica that is free from di ‘buggu-yagga’ noise; di buggu-yagga noise weh di dancehall music mek, di buyers don’t want dat wid di package, so the government is cleaning up the country. So the sale is more sexy,” Vegas added in his broadside.